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IIT-Madras Scientists Make “JAVA” More Efficient
September 13, 2019

IIT-Madras Scientists Make “JAVA” More Efficient

  • V. Krishna Nandivada Department of Computer Science & Engineering

In their latest research which was published in the journal ACM Transactions on Programming Languages and System, scientists from IIT Madras have developed a new framework that could make the programs written in JAVA language more efficient.

Scientists from IIT Madras have designed a framework, christened as “PYE”-Precise-Yet-Efficient Just-In-Time, that achieves the objective of generating efficient Java code without taking too much time.

V Krishna and Manas Thakur tweaked the two compilation procedures. In the first compilation step, more elaborate and time-consuming analysis is performed and wherever the conversion stalls due to unavailability of the library from the computer, a partial result is created. Now, during the second stage of compilation, the just in-time compilers, with available libraries from the computer, work to resolve the partial values to generate final values and finally a more precise result. As the time taken during the first exhaustive compilation does not get included in execution time, the whole procedure still remains time-saving, while leading to highly efficient codes.