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Department of Chemical Engineering

Aiming to be a global centre of academic and research excellence in chemical engineering sciences and technology, the Department of Chemical Engineering has seen a dramatic increase in industrial collaboration and consultancy, research projects, research publications and faculty awards. Currently, it is establishing world-class facilities and research groups in the areas of energy, environment and materials.

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Department of Chemical Engineering






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About the Department

Chemical engineering traditionally deals with how a chemical plant operates, but today it covers a wide range of areas like biotechnology, catalysis, pollution control, renewable energy such as solar energy, drug delivery, process control and systems engineering, microelectronics, polymers, surfactants, systems and computational biology, reactor designing, heat and mass transfer and many more.

Chemical engineering is a broad-based and interdisciplinary field and provides opportunities in several industries - programming, biology, or even economics; a flexibility that is not easily available in other disciplines.

Chemical Engineering plays a major role in bioengineering and has several real applications – artificial organs, mechanical body parts, curing diseases, etc. Nano engineering and materials science is yet another application of principles of Chemical Engineering.

Message From the Head of Department

Ravi Krishna R

The Chemical Engineering Department at IITM is a happening place with a group of talented faculty and motivated students. The Department has a vision to be a global centre of academic and research excellence in Chemical Engineering Sciences and Technology, where knowledge is vigorously and meticulously pursued and disseminated, application to industry and society is valued, free thinking is encouraged, intellectual rigour is demanded and thoroughness is rewarded. We are in a continuous process of refining our world class research facilities and research groups in specific areas including energy, environment and materials.

We are also actively monitoring and revising our academic curriculum to be in tune with the current developments in the field while retaining the core concepts from the discipline. Faculty introduce new...

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Ravi Krishna R