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Research Areas

Faculty members at IIT Madras carry out research in their areas of interests, often in collaboration with research scholars, doctoral scholars and other researchers. The Institute has ongoing research collaborations with several universities, governments and industries. The research expertise available at the Institute is organized below by department.

Please use this slide deck to get an idea of the research areas studied by our faculty members.

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Research Topics by Faculty Member

  • Bhaskar K
  • Composite Structures,Thick plates and shells,Anisotropic Elasticity
  • Chakravarthy SR
  • Computational combustion,Combustion and Propulsion,Combustion instability,Solid propellants and metal (nano-aluminium) combustion,Fluid Mechanics,Laser diagnostics
  • Joel George
  • Navigation, Guidance, Dynamics and Control of Aerospace Vehicles.
  • Murthy HSN
  • Tribology (contact mechanics, Fretting Fatigue, wear and lubrication),Damage Mechanisms in metals, composites and visco-elastic materials (fatigue and fracture)
  • Muruganandam TM
  • Combustion Stabilisation,Dynamics near bifurcations,High speed flows, Flow diagnostics
  • Nagendra Gopal K V
  • Computational Mechanics, Aeroelasticity, Composites, Fracture Mechanics, Structural Dynamics
  • Nandan Kumar Sinha
  • Aircraft Flight Dynamics Control and Guidance, Flight Simulation Techniques, Aerial Vehicle Autonomy, Bifurcations and Numerical Continuation Methods
  • Rajesh G
  • High Speed Flows - Experimental Aerodynamics, Shockwave Dynamics
  • Ramakrishna M
  • Fluid Mechanics,Numerical Methods,Computer Solutions
  • Ramakrishna PA
  • Combustion, propulsion,energy conversion
  • Ranjith Mohan
  • Helicopters, Wind turbines, Dynamics
  • Santanu Ghosh
  • High speed flow, Shock/boundary-layer interaction,Immersed boundary methods, Hybrid LES / RANS Turbulence models, Two phase flow
  • Shyam Keralavarma
  • Solid Mechanics, Mechanical Behavior of Materials, Plasticity, Creep, Ductile Fracture, Micromechanics, Discrete Dislocation Dynamics
  • Sivasambu Mahesh
  • aerospace materials, composite materials, material reliability, fracture mechanics, creep failure
  • Sriram Rengarajan
  • Experimental Fluid Dynamics, High Speed Flows, Shockwave Boundary Layer Interactions, Plasma Actuators and Flow Control
  • Sujith RI
  • Combustion Instability,Acoustics,Optical Flow Diagostics (PIV, PLIF, LDV, PDPA)
  • Sunetra Sarkar
  • Unsteady aerodynamics of flapping wings, Fluid-structure interaction, Aeroelasticity, Uncertainty quantification
  • Vadlamani Nagabhushana Rao
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD, specifically for turbomachinery systems),High fidelity simulations: Direct Numerical Simulations (DNS), Large Eddy Simulations (LES), Hybrid RANS/LES,Transition to turbulence (Roughness-induced / Wake-induced / free-stream turbulence),Solver development - Lead developer of the high fidelity Solver COMP-SQUARE for compressible flows using high-order compact schemes,Additional interests: Fan tonal noise prediction, liquid sheet breakup, Multi-mode heat transfer