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Healthcare Technology Innovation Centre (HTIC)

The Healthcare Technology Innovation Centre (HTIC) is a multidisciplinary R&D facility that brings together technologists, engineers, doctors, healthcare professionals as well as industry and government players to develop healthcare technologies for the country. As a joint initiative of the Institute and the Government of India, HTIC collaborates with leading medical institutions and industry players in various healthcare areas to develop and deploy healthcare technologies.

HTIC works closely with industry in developing R&D solutions, joint development of technology products, technology assessment and evaluation. Additionally, the Centre works to develop human resources in healthcare technology in the country through various channels including Innovation fellowships, IIT Madras students and interns.

The MedTech incubator set up as a wing of HTIC, provides incubation facilities and nurtures MedTech start-ups and entrepreneurs to help them become successful MedTech enterprises.

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Healthcare Technology Innovation Centre (HTIC)


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