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Central Electronics Centre

The Central Electronics Centre (CEC) was established in 1971 within the Institute to service and maintain a wide variety of sophisticated electronic equipment. The centre conducts thermal testing on materials like Temperature Sensors, Thermocouples, RTDs, Temperature gauges and switches which undergo tests on various frequencies like -25°C to 150°C, 150°C to 600°C, etc. and electro-technical calibration on sources like DC Current, Capacitance, AC Current, AC Voltage, Resistance, DC Voltage which undergo tests on various frequencies. runs an 18-month training programme that trains service engineers in maintaining electronic equipment.

The infrastructural and equipment facilities are supported by collaborative Indo-German Projects. The Centre has a team of qualified, experienced and talented staff members, trained in Germany in various fields of electronic instrumentation.

The Centre has lent its expertise to over 220 industries and organisations locally and internationally, and plays a key role in the area of renewable energy by conducting several training programs related to Solar Photo Voltaics (SPV).

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Central Electronics Centre




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