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The Indian Institute of Technology Madras is an autonomous statutory organisation functioning within the Institute of Technology Act. All the IITs are administered centrally by the IIT Council, an apex body established by the Government of India. The Minister of Human Resource & Development, Government of India, is the Chairman of the Council, while each Institute has a Board of Governors responsible for its overall administration and control.

The Senate

The Senate comprises all professors of the Institute and decides the academic policy of the Institute. It controls and approves the curriculum, courses, examinations and results. It also appoints committees to look into specific academic matters which may arise occasionally. The teaching, training and research activities of various Institute departments are periodically reviewed to improve facilities and maintain standards. The Director of the Institute is the ex officio Chairman of the Senate.


There are three Senate Sub-committees: the Board of Academic Research, the Board of Academic Courses and the Board of Students, which work together to assist with academic administration and efficient operation of the Institute. The Finance Committee advises on all financial policy matters while the Building and Works Committee advises on matters relating to building premises and maintenance activities.