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Department of Electrical Engineering

The Department of Electrical Engineering is actively involved with research from absolute fundamentals and component design to system integration, deployment and commercialisation. Established in 1959, the department houses extensive fabrication, calibration and testing facilities to carry out academic projects, sponsored research and consultancy projects.

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Department of Electrical Engineering


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About the Department

One of the oldest departments in IIT Madras, Electrical Engineering department offers both B Tech and Dual Degree in Electrical Engineering. From the basics of resistors and battery circuits, the course structure goes into the development of microprocessors and huge electrical machines used in factories. With the advancement in IoT, the field of electrical engineering is an integral part of several other fields.

Alumni from the department have not only joined major Tech giants like Samsung and Intel, but have also joined ISRO. Students have secured admissions into universities like Stanford, UCB, Harvard, Georgia Tech and University of Michigan. Students may also choose to specialise in Applied Mathematics, Mechatronics, Machine Learning and Computer Vision giving them versatility not available in most other courses.