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Department of Mathematics

Established in 1959 along with the Institute, the Department of Mathematics has taken the responsibility of teaching Mathematics courses to B.Tech., M. Tech. (other than IMSC), Dual Degree in ED, M.Sc. and Ph.D students of the Institute. The department has previously set up a network together with AG Technomathematik, Technische Universitaet Kaiserslautern, Germany in the areas of applied mathematics and mathematical modelling to conduct annual workshops, faculty/student exchanges as well as joint modelling seminars.

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Department of Mathematics






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Message From the Head of Department

Arindama Singh

The Department has been in the Top 200 Mathematics departments according to the QS World Rankings, ever since its inception. Over the years, time and again, the Department has demonstrated its achievements, through continuous and consistent efforts in contributing to the growth and development of mathematics, both in India and abroad. The main objectives of the Department have been to pursue high quality research, to train young minds to nurture their skills in mathematics, and to serve the needs of the society in particular and the country at large, by means of applying the knowledge of mathematics necessary to produce technology for daily use. Towards achieving these goals, we have been immensely benefited by our core strength, viz., the faculty members (retired/current) of the Department, who have contributed significantly in each o...

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Arindama Singh