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Curing Cancer – An effective treatment on the horizon
February 27, 2020

Curing Cancer – An effective treatment on the horizon

  • G K Suraishkumar Department of Biotechnology

Cancer is the second leading cause of death worldwide after the heart attack. Researchers are working on to find causes, prevention and treatment options to decrease the public health burden of this disease. The new research by IIT – Madras can be a game-changer in this regard. It shows that the cancer treatments can be made 27% more effective if the anti-cancer drugs are administered to the patients at a particular time depending on the levels of reactive oxygen molecules of the cells.

Irrespective of how hygienic we try to be, we are surrounded by zillions of bacteria which are invisible to our naked eyes. While we are more aware of the disease-causing bacteria, there is not much discussion about the numerous bacteria that help humans in various ways. From the recycling of nutrients to the decomposition of dead bodies, bacteria play a major role in cleansing the environment and the routine functioning of ecosystem. The friendly bacteria that reside inside the human gut help us extract nutrients from food and fight with harmful bacteria preventing us from infections.
Dr. Karthik Raman’s research team from IIT Madras has been working to understand the role played by a specific class of bacteria called Bifidobacteria in the human gut. Recently, they published their research findings in the journal Scientific Reports.