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Big Networks


The Centres will work towards developing and implementing connected and integrated mobility solutions for highly heterogeneous traffic and transit system, technical breakthroughs in the field of Online Machine Learning and understanding governing principles of naturally occurring systems and development of the next generation of man-made networks.

Connected Intelligent Urban Transportation

The central focus of the Connected Intelligent Urban Transportation lab is to monitor, measure, model, manage and evaluate the impacts of various types and configurations of connected and emerging mobility technologies (including connected vehicles, shared mobility, and EV’s) and develop appropriate solutions for heterogeneous transport systems.

The lab aims to establish research infrastructure, generate large-scale datasets, and advance methodologies and develop models, algorithms, and applications to support sustainable and safe mobility with connected technologies.

Principal Investigator: Gitakrishnan Ramadurai


Intelligent Networks

The primary vision of the proposed CoE is to make solid technical breakthroughs in the field of Online Machine Learning, and design and implement efficient algorithms at scale to improve their performance.

Principal Investigator: Abhishek Sinha

Network Systems

Network Systems Learning, Control, and Evolution Group at IIT Madras is an interdisciplinary research initiative for fostering research and teaching activities in areas of man-made and naturally occurring complex networks. The mission of the group is to address fundamental questions for better understanding of network systems using learning, systems, and control theory. Currently, we work on analysis, learning and control of biological, brain, process, infrastructure, and reaction networks.

Principal Investigator: Dr Nirav Bhatt