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IIT Madras Inaugurates Renovated Cauvery Hostel

IIT Madras Inaugurates Renovated Cauvery Hostel

  • 9th Sep 2021
  • BW Education

The first-ever hostel to be constructed on the campus, Cauvery Hostel was renovated with the generous funding support of Rs. 2.5 Cr from IIT Madras Distinguished Alumnus Krishna Chivukula (1970 Batch)

Indian Institute of Technology Madras' Cauvery Hostel, the first-ever to be constructed on the campus, has been renovated at a cost of Rs. 2.5 Crore. The renovation was made possible with the generous support from Distinguished Alumnus Krishna Chivukula (M.Tech. 1970 Batch), Founder and Chairman, INDO-MIM Pvt Limited.

The renovated hostel was inaugurated today (8th September 2021) in the presence of eminent dignitaries including Shri S. Shankar (1970 Batch), General Manager, INDO-MIM Pvt Limited, Prof. Bhaskar Ramamurthi, Director, IIT Madras, as well as other faculty members.

Krishna Chivukula contributed a total of Rs 5.5 Crore towards the Institute's 'Keep it flowing' campaign for the renovation of three hostels:

Cauvery Hostel (Rs 2.5 Crore)
Godavari Hostel (Rs 1.5 Crore), and
Jamuna Hostel (Rs 1.5 Crore)

Addressing the Inauguration Ceremony of the renovated IIT Madras' Cauvery Hostel virtually, Dr Krishna Chivukula (1970 Batch), Founder and Chairman, INDO-MIM Pvt Limited, said, "The all-round knowledge you get from a five-year program at IIT Madras is world-class and we paid almost nothing compared to what you pay in the U.S. or Europe for comparable institutions. Also, I do not think there are comparable institutions in the U.S. or Europe as I feel IITs are incomparable. The tuition fee at top Western Institutions is about Rs. 60 lakh per year and we are getting the same level of education for a fraction of that cost in India"

Cauvery Hostel was constructed in 1961 with a capacity to accommodate 216 students in single occupancy. The hostel was expanded in 2002 to accommodate another 171 students. Since 2018, the rooms have been converted into double-occupancy rooms to accommodate around 750 students. It has now got a face-lift with several faA§ade improvements like relaying of tiles and railings, shoe rack fixing, waterproofing, painting and fully renovated restrooms.

IIT Madras is grateful to the couple Krishna Chivukula and Jagadamba (Neonatologist, USA), and their family for their generosity and strong commitment towards holistic growth, expansion, and advancement of the Institute.