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Spectroscopy using Lattice QCD

Spectroscopy using Lattice QCD

Date9th Feb 2023

Time02:30 AM

Venue S.N. Bose Hall (HSB210)



Quantum Chromodynamics (QCD), is so far the accepted to be the way to describe the strong interactions of hadrons, in terms of the interactions between quarks and gluons. Unfortunately, at relatively low energy scales relevant to the study of the spectrum of hadrons, QCD cannot be studied with perturbation theory (successful in studying electro-weak interactions). Until recently, our understanding of the spectrum has been dominated by interpretation of experimental results using simplified models. Recent developments in computational tools and methodology has made it possible to study hadron spectroscopy from first-principles QCD by using a numerical technique called ‘Lattice QCD’. This tool has improved our understanding of the hadron spectrum including hadronic resonances. In particular, we are able to predict tetraquark states where four quarks interact strongly to form a bound state. In this talk the status of present calculations and the need for further calculations will be outlined as will the impact of such calculations on experimental endeavors in the near future.


Archana Radhakrishnan