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Inverse design of Turbine Blade Cascades

Inverse design of Turbine Blade Cascades

Date28th Oct 2020

Time02:00 PM

Venue Through Google Meet:



A time marching iterative inverse design approach is proposed and illustrated for the design of airfoil and turbine blade cascade. The approach requires an input of prescribed pressure distribution (PPD) along with an initial guess. A blade parameterization technique is used to generate the initial blade geometry using eleven cascade parameters. A strategy is proposed to estimate the unavailable aerodynamic parameters, if any, based on the sensitivity analysis. Each iteration uses direct solver to compute the pressure distribution. Whilst the overall method starts with the Euler or Navier-Stokes equation-based direct solver applied to the initial blade cascade, the proposed inverse method is novel with the introduction of new blade changing algorithms and smoothening techniques. The blade is corrected in each iteration using a virtual velocity approach. The smoothening technique ensures continuity at the specified nodes. An AUSM based finite volume scheme is implemented along with SST k-ω turbulence model for the direct solver to evaluate the flow around the generated blade profile. The proposed inverse methodology is validated for the prescribed pressure distribution of turbine cascades and the direct solver is validated for VKI LS89 turbine blade against an experimental setup and also using some of the numerical results in the literature. The proposed method satisfies flexible input constraints and consumes less computational time to obtain satisfactory inversely designed blade shape


R. Nanthini (ME15D413)

Department of Mechanical Engineering