Archita Patnaik

Department: CY
Designation: Professor
Phone: 4217
email: archita@iitm.ac.in

Research Interests

  • Broad Area: Physical Chemistry
  • Colloids and Interfaces, 2D Phases and Molecular Order in Anisotropic Monolayers, Real-time FT- IRRAS Spectroscopy and Quatification of Molecular Order
  • Tailored Molecular Self-assembly in Functional Amphiphiles, Aggregate Structure and Dynamics
  • Donor - Bridge - Acceptor Dyads, Organic - Inorganic Hybrid Nanostructures, Layer-by-Layer Assembly and Potential Electrode Fabrication, Electron Transport in Oriented Assemblies
  • Electronic Structure Calculation ( DFT and TD - DFT), Unconstrained Molecular Dynamics on Optimized Geometries


    Personal Homepage: http://chem.iitm.ac.in/professordetails/prof.archita/