The Department of Humanities and Social Sciences has a vibrant research community. Research topics encompass fields as diverse as Agricultural Policy, Linguistics, German Studies, African / American / English / Indian Literature, Discourse Analysis, English Language Teaching, Economics, Health Care Policy, Philosophy, Sociology, Indian History and Theatre and Film Studies.

Specific areas of research and teaching of our Faculty members are shown below.

Faculty Area of Research and Teaching
Shreesh Chaudhary Cognitive aspects of language learning and multilingualism
Evangeline Manickam American Studies, South Asian (expatriate) Literature, French
Devaki Reddy Sociolinguistics and English Language Teaching
K Srilata Women's writing, literature in translation and creative writing
S Mohan Freshman English,Indian Fiction in English, Science Fiction and Technical/Business Communication
Jyotirmaya Tripathy Postcolonial historiography, Political history, Cultural Studies and Alternative Development
John Bosco Lou Religion & Science, Technology & Rural Participation and History of Science
D Veeraraghavan Social nad economic history of modern South Indian, and impact of technology on society and economy
V R Muraleedharan Healthcare Economics, History of Healthcare in South India and Environmental Health Policy
D Malathy Applied Econometrics, Industrial Economics, Economics of Gender, Economics of Human Resources and Money, Banking & Finance
Debashis Acharya Macro-Monetary Economics, International Economics and Health Policy
Suresh Babu Industrial Economics and Applied Macroeconomics
Umakant Dash Financial Economics, Health Economics, and application of quantitative tools for policy analysis
N Sreekumar Philosophy of language, Hermeneutics, Phenomenology, Indian Philosophy
Sudarsan Padmanabhan Critical Social theory, Comparative Social Systems
Milind Brahme Modern German, Marathi Literature and Comparative Literature
Prema Rajagopalan Sociology of science and technology, technology transfer, Built Environment and Society
Aysha Iqbal World Drama, Theatre and Culture
Sudhir Chella Rajan Political Theory and the Environment
Sonika Gupta Chinese Foreign Policy and Politics, International Relations theory, Human Security, Nuclearization of South Asia
Tabraz Ahmed International Relations Theory, US Involvement in West Asia, Israel-Palestinian Conflict


The Department encourages inter-disciplinary research and admits students with diverse educational qualifications to the Doctoral Programme.

The Department is also engaged in a number of externally funded research projects. In the past, several agencies including the Central and State Governments, Indian Council of Social Sciences Research, the Wellcome Trust (UK), World Health Organisation, Department of International Development (UK), Green Peace, the World Bank, UNICEF, have sponsored research projects.

A noteworthy feature of a recent research effort is the formation of Development Studies Group by the Institute. The Group’s primary aim is to promote interdisciplinary collaborative research among faculty members within and across Departments in the Institute. Subjects of research should direct relevance to current development challenges, at regional or global level.