Research Areas

Faculty Research Areas
Prof. Asokan T Robotics, Mechatronics, Control, Electro Hydraulic Servo Systems, Pneumatic Systems
Prof. Balkrishna C. Rao Sustainable manufacturing, Sustainable design, Nano-manufacturing, Manufacturing for Bio-medical applications , Simulation of Manufacturing Processes
Prof. Kavitha Arunachalam Biomedical device instrumentation and control, Radio frequency and microwave antenna design , Tissue ablation and hyperthermia physics, Non destructive material evaluation, Digital signal and image processing, Radiometry
Prof. Krishnakumar R Nonlinear Finite Elements, Vehicle Dynamics and Tyre Mechanics
Prof. Nilesh Jayantilal Vasa Optoelectronics, Remote Sensing, Laser Based Sensing, Micro-manufacturing, MEMS
Prof. Palani Ramu Optimization, Application of statistical and probabilistic techniques for engineering design under uncertainties, Risk/Reliability based engineering design, Surrogate based modeling and analysis
Prof. Ramanathan M Geometric Modelling, Computer Vision, Computational Geometry, Computer Graphics, Computational Biology
Prof. Sandipan Bandyopadhyay Kinematics, Dynamics, and Control of Robots, Design of Parallel Manipulators, Computational Kinematics, Symbolic Computation and Computer Algebra Systems (CAS), Prosthetic Devices
Prof. Sankara J Subramanium Digital Image Correlation, Nano-indentation, Mechanics of Materials, Finite Element Analysis
Prof. Saravana Kumar G CAD, Geometric and Solid Modelling, Reverse Engineering, Optimization, Medical Image based Reconstruction, Prosthetic and Scaffold Design, Layered Manufacturing and Soft Computing
Prof. Shankar Ram C S Mathematical Modelling of Dynamic Systems, Model-based Control and Fault Diagnosis, Automotive Systems (current focus towards Brakes and Suspension), Vehicle Dynamics
Prof. Srikanth Vedantam Design with novel materials, mechanical behaviour of materials, wetting, microstructure evolution
Prof. Venkatesh Balasubramanian Human factors and Ergonomics, Biomedical Devices Development, Rehabilitation Engineering, Injury and Sports Biomechanics, Perceptional Psychophysics and Technology Management

Research Facilities

  • Raghupati Singhania Cenrtre for Tyre and Vehicle Mechanics
  • Vehicle Dynamics lab - Steering Robot with GPS, DAS, wheel force transducer, gyros, Sensors, accelerometers for a complete study of vehicle dynamics
  • Caterpillar Centre of Excellence for Heavy Vehicles Engineering Modal Analysis and fatigue laboratory
  • Autodesk-IITM Centre of Excellence for CAD
  • CAD Laboratory
  • Rapid Prototyping Machine
  • Mechatronics and Control Laboratory
  • Laser based Gas sensing system
  • Autonomous Underwater Vehicle
  • 6 DOF simulator platform
  • Air brake system test stand
  • Parallel manipulator simulation system
  • Geometric modelling and analysis facility

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