Biomedical Engineering

Faculty Research Interests
Manivannan M Haptics, Virtual reality, Computational Physiology.
Ramasubba Reddy M Biomedical instrumentation, Biomedical image processing, Biomedical signal processing
Sujatha N Biomedical imaging, Bio-optics, Speckle metrology


  • Cardioscope
  • Signal processing station
  • 2D ultrasound scanner
  • EMFD-F Foot pressure measuring system
  • 10 Channel for dynamic strain measurement
  • Barograph for dynamic foot pressure studies
  • ISIS optical scanner for 3-D back shape measurement
  • Clinical haemorrheology lab
  • FFT analyser
  • Peristaltic pump
  • Holography set-up
  • High resolution ECG analyser
  • RF Signal renerator
  • Carrier frequency amplifier
  • Image processing system

Fluid Mechanics

Faculty Research Interests
Arul Prakash K CFD and Heat Transfer, Thermal Hydraulics, LES and related techniques, Parallel computing.
Baburaj A.P. Near wall phenomena in turbulent convection, Interfacial phenomena and Transport at small scales.
Lakshminarasimhan J Internal flows in duct and diffusers, Wake-boundary layer interaction, Analysis of flow around bluff bodies.
Prasad Patnaik B.S.V. CFD, FEM, Active flow control, Flow induced vibrations, Phase-field modeling
Rinku Mukherjee Unsteady Aerodynamics, Post-stall flow prediction, Flow modeling, CFD, Free-surface hydrodynamics.
Vengadesan S CFD, Turbulence modeling, LES and their applications.


  • Diffuser test facility
  • Longitudinal curved duct facility
  • Flow visualization set up
  • Wind tunnel ( closed circuit with open jet test section )
  • Open circuit wind tunnel ( 0.6m x 0.6m )
  • Computational facilities
  • Wind turbine testing facility
  • Jet tunnel

Solid Mechanics

Faculty Research Interests
Anuradha Banerjee Fracture Mechanics, Composites, Elasticity Plasticity.
Arockiarajan, A  
  Smart materials, Ferroelectrics, Electro-active polymers, Constitutive modeling.
Lakshmana Rao, C Buckling Control of Structures using Smart materials, Numerical modeling of brittle fracture, Ballistic impact.
Palaninathan, R Structural mechanics, Composites Materials and Structures, Finite element method. Thermal structures.
Raamachandran, J Boundary Elements, Finite Elements, Plates and Shells.
Ramesh, K Computer Application in Experimental Mechanics, Fracture Mechanics, Digital Photoelasticity.
Santhanakrishnan, G Solid Mechanics
Sayan Gupta Stochastic modeling, Risk assessment and structural reliability, random vibrations, nonlinear dynamics.
Sivakumar, M.S. Constitutive Modeling, Smart Materials, Plasticity, Computations.


  • Testing equipment UPM : 0-10t
  • Strain gauge measuring units
  • Data logger (Static) complete with automatic selector, timer and recorder
  • Image processing unit
  • Holography set up
  • Photoelasticity for both 2D and 3D problems
  • Computational mechanics laboratory
  • Crack monitoring facilities

For more information, visit the Applied Mechanics website http://apm.iitm.ac.in.