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Cognition, Planning, and Sensorimotor Integration in Object Manipulation

Cognition, Planning, and Sensorimotor Integration in Object Manipulation

Date8th Apr 2024

Time04:00 PM

Venue Online meeting link:



Successful object centric actions belie the complex processes that occur in our brain to generate the necessary finger placement pattern and fingertip forces through integration of information about the object’s dimensions, orientation, surface, mass, and the environment. Motor planning, or the motor system reaching the appropriate preparatory state before a movement is initiated is crucial to these abilities. We employed the unconstrained object manipulation paradigm to investigate the role of uncertainty about the grasp context before movement initiation in sensorimotor integration. The primary somatosensory cortex, which had long been believed to be involved only in the passive processing of somatosensory signals, also has been found to be modulated during movement planning in recent research. We plan on extending these results to the unconstrained object manipulation paradigm which offers a way to reconcile grasp kinematics and grasp kinetics during sensorimotor integration. The question of how much cognitive capacity the motor system engages in these contexts has also been a central query for the past few decades. We have designed studies to probe the cognitive-motor interference, vis-a-vis, adaptation to an eccentrically loaded object while allowing for the choice of finger placement. These studies shall shed light on the motor cost associated with cognitive tasks during the learning of complex object dynamics.


Mr. Swarnab Dutta (AM18D201)

Dept. of Applied Mechanics and Biomedical Engineering