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विनिमय प्रोग्राम

The World is Flat, goes the title of the best-seller by Thomas L. Friedman. In this interconnected society, collaborative learning and research are virtual imperatives. To enable these, IIT Madras has entered into Student Exchange Agreements with more than 100 of the top higher-education institutions around the world. A student enrolled at IIT Madras can spend a semester at these partner Universities with full tuition waiver, and get earned credits transferred to their program back home. Paid internships are also available at highly-ranked institutions such as Purdue University. Alumni funding is made available to cover other associated costs such as travel, visa and medical insurance.

Outgoing Students

The Exchange program for UG/DD/MA/MBA/MTech students permits them to spend a semester abroad in universities which have a MOU with IIT Madras.

Students may select a University and identify the set of courses to be taken during the Semester abroad; including checking the suitability of semester duration as well as the language of instruction. Office of Alumni Relations may provide partial travel support.

Exchange programs for MS/PhD students are made through the Guide & Counterpart in the Foreign Institution. The parent institution/faculty/Dean IAR office will assist as needed with travel funding.

In addition, Joint Supervision Programs and Joint PhD programs are available with foreign universities.

For all programs, the approval of the Faculty Advisor and Head of Department is essential. As also clearances from the Academic section and Dean.

The students may then submit their application form and other necessary documents in Office of International Relations (OIR). OIR will then facilitate the process of admission with the relevant Office at the foreign university.

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Incoming Students

Foreign Nationals registered for a degree in a recognised Institute/University and who is officially sponsored by that Institute/University to carry out Course work / Research or avail a laboratory or other facilities at IIT Madras for a period of up to two semesters can be accepted as visiting students under the MoU.

Research scholars visiting IIT Madras for thesis/ project work/research work must take approval, in advance of the professors.

Admissions will be made in accordance with the terms and conditions of the MOU with the concerned Country/ University/Institution.

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Partner Universities and Organizations

IIT Madras has MOUs with several universities and organizations across the world.

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