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भर्ती & पदोन्नति नियम

The Non-Academic Employees of IIT Madras are integral to achieving the Institute’s goals of excellence in Academics & Research. They perform multiple roles across Departments, Centres and Administrative sections and therefore have to be competent and up-to-date in their knowledge and skills.
The Ministry of HRD has recognized this and conveyed its approval to consider amending the Recruitment Rules for various categories of posts to provide for vacancy based promotions. Recruitment Rules for each category of post providing for promotion at each level may be got approved by respective Boards. Further, the MHRD has conveyed that IITs are allowed to design their administrative/management/technical staff structure as per requirement after due approval from their BoG. Accordingly, a draft Recruitment and Promotion Norms (RPN) was proposed and approved by the Board of Governors of IIT Madras (219th BoG, Resolution No. 49/2013 dated 10.12.2013). The existing RPN 2013 was reviewed and amended as RPN 2019 and approved by the Board (240th BoG, Resolution No.4/2019 dated 15.03.2019).

View the Recruitment and Promotion Norms