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अन्य सुविधाएं

Guest Houses

The Institute has two guest houses within the campus. The one near the Gajendra Circle is the Bose-Einstein Guest House and the one in the hostel zone is called the Taramani Guest House (TGH). VIPs, Institute guests and invited guests are usually accommodated in the Bose-Einstein Guest House.

Housed in a double-storey building and located at a central place, TGH provides boarding and lodging facilities for Institute guests, visitors, newly appointed faculty, staff

members, delegates and participants attending various conferences, seminars, symposia and workshops. It has 83 rooms , out of which 18 are suites and 65 are air-conditioned. TGH will always be at full capacity due to the various activities happening each day, so students should take note to book a room in advance for visiting parents.

The hostels also have guest rooms that can be booked for parents through the OHM.


There are two schools located inside the campus, viz. Kendriya Vidyalaya IIT, located between GC and the IITM Post Office and Vanavani Matriculation Higher Secondary School, located within the residential zone.

Kendriya Vidyalaya IIT follows the syllabus prescribed by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) and comes under the purview of the Central Government of India. The school admits students for Std I to XII.

Vanavani Matriculation Higher Secondary School is run by the IIT Campus Educational Trust (CET) and follows the Matriculation syllabus of the Tamil Nadu State Government. The school admits students for Std I to XII. It also has a primary school for LKG & UKG and a newly built 'Creche'. 

Open Air Theatre

In between the GC and the hostel zone, you will spot a large arena called the Open Air Theatre, where the Film Club screens weekend movies. Here, the best new movies in English, Hindi, Tamil and other regional languages are screened. The OAT is also where the Saarang Pro-shows are held.

Places of Worship

The lush IIT Madras campus houses a number of places of worship.

There are three temples on campus. The Shree Durga Peeli Amman Temple in the Delhi Avenue is the site of processions during Navratri. The Jalakandeswarar Temple near the Adyar Gate hosts Mahashivaratri and other festivals, as well as occasional classical artiste performances. The Vinayagar Temple behind Taramani Guest House is the site of Ganesh Chaturthi and Saraswati Pooja celebrations.

There is a chapel behind the Department of Biotechnology, easily located on Sunday mornings by following the sound of choir music. Having recently turned six, the chapel conducts Mass and other activities like ‘intercession of prayers’ where handwritten, anonymous prayers are distributed among members, who then pray for the one they have received. Besides the chapel, Catholic Mass is conducted every Sunday at 8:30am in the NCC building; the community also regularly engages in charity work, orphanage visits, and more.

There is a prayer hall for Islamic Students, located behind the Students Facilities Centre, near the Himalaya Mess where people offer prayers regularly. The Friday sermon is conducted in English. Besides this, the community organises activities and classes for members of the Islamic faith, such as the recitation of the Quran and more.

Campus Security

Security is paramount for an institution located in a metropolis, in a sprawling campus which also happens to be a reserve forest. With this in mind, IIT Madras has developed an efficient security system. The Security Wing of the Institute has laid down a set of rules and regulations all residents and visitors on campus have to adhere to. The Security Wing is headed by the Chief Security Officer and has a duty room functioning round-the-clock to prevent any breach of security.

Police Jurisdiction

IIT Madras falls under the jurisdiction of a single Police Station: J-4 Kotturpuram.

Any case related to traffic rules violation and accidents falls under the jurisdiction of Police Station Adyar (Traffic Investigation).

Any case warranting Police Cover / Assistance should be reported to the Inspector of Police of the above mentioned Police Station. Such incidents should also be brought to the notice of CSO for internal inquiry. It must be noted that the Security Wing has no policing or constabulary powers; it only has watch and ward responsibility.

Mandatory Security Requirements

Listed below are certain security requirements that must be adhered to on campus.

  • Identity Cards
    • All employees of IIT Madras are required to carry ID cards issued by the Institute. This document must be produced on demand to the Security Personnel. The NIOT and IC & SR issue separate cards for their employees.
  • Temporary Passes
    • The Security Wing issues special passes to contractors, casual employees, labourers employed by the Institute, servants, vendors and temporary visitors. These papers are time-bound and are NOT licenses for services to be rendered by the individuals.
  •  Daily Passes
    • Daily passes are issued to casual visitors by the security personnel manning the gate (entry points). Passes issued for one gate are not valid for another gate.
  • Group Passes
    • These are issued to groups of workers employed by contractors or the Institute and to groups of students from other Institutions visiting our departments and centres.
  •  Vehicle Passes
    • The CSO's office issues metal tokens for two-wheelers and cycles, self-adhesive stickers for four-wheelers (with color codes to identify campus-ites and non campus-ites) and temporary passes to vehicle owners. The Vehicle Registration Book must be produced for receipt of the passes/tokens. Gate passes are issued to monitor the movement of stores/materials out of the Institute premises.

Miscellaneous Points

  • Speed limit of any powered vehicle within the campus is 40 km/h.
  • Persons below the age of 18 years are not permitted to drive powered vehicles.
  • Consumption of alcohol at public places inside the campus is prohibited.
  • Poaching/hunting/fishing is strictly prohibited.
  • Lighting of open fires on the campus is prohibited.
  • Trafficking in/or possession of any type of drugs is an offence.