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उच्च निष्पादन कंप्यूटिंग पर्यावरण (एचपीसीई)

The High Performance Computing Environment (HPCE) is set up to cater to the ever-increasing demand for supercomputing facilities, of researchers at IIT Madras. Material science and engineering, atmospheric and ocean modeling, aerospace engineering, modeling social, ecological and physical networks, design of large structures and VLSI, understanding flows and combustion, spectroscopy and molecular modeling are some of the active research areas in IIT Madras, where such large scale computing is used. HPCE is housed in P. G. Senapathy Centre for Computing Resources.

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उच्च निष्पादन कंप्यूटिंग पर्यावरण (एचपीसीई)


Teraflop of Compute Power


CPU nodes


GPU nodes


Petabyte Storage