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केंद्रीय कौशल प्रशिक्षण एवं संविरचन सुविधा (सीएसटीएफ)

The Central Workshop (CWS) was established in 1959 as part of the Department of Mechanical Engineering, with the support of Federal Republic of Germany, to train B.Tech students in various shop floor techniques and fabrications. The CWS received the ISO 9001:2000 quality certification from RWTUV, Germany in 2001.

Since 2012, the CWS has introduced more modern facilities that will better suit the training in line with current industrial requirements. The Workshop training now includes Foundry, Welding, Electrical, Auto Shop, Instrument Shop, Tool Room and Gear Inspection, Numerically Controlled (NC) machines, Pneumatic & Hydraulic trainers, Electronics, FRP and Plastic Laboratories, Communication laboratories, in addition to Carpentry, Fitting, Gear and Machine shops.

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