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Telephone Directory

To reach IITM telephone extensions from outside, the caller has to dial prefix (044) 2257-xxxx, where xxxx is the PABX number 
For residential PABX lines (wherever provided) 

  • Replace 8xxx with 9xxx
  • Replace 4xxx with 6xxx

If residential line is not provided "Number Not Available" or Engaged Tone will be heard. 
Board PABX No : IVRS (8000) / ASR (9000)

The full format of the email is [Email]

List of Intercom Extensions

24x7 Nodes Electrical Complaints Substation Velachery Gate 8185
2m wave cum current flume DOE 114 Department of Ocean Engineering 5833
3D imaging & Additive Mfg Lab ED 317 Department of Engineering Design 5643
4m Wave Flume DOE 116 Department of Ocean Engineering 5803
500 MHz Micro Imaging MRI Magnetic Resonance Imaging 5921
500 MHz NMR CYB 122 Department of Chemical Engineering 5199
5G test bed-1 CSD 400 Centre for Systems and Devices 8961
5G test bed-2 CSD 400 Centre for Systems and Devices 8962
Abdas Samad Faculty, Ocean Engineering DOE 308 Department of Ocean Engineering 4826 samad
Abhijit Choudhury Faculty, Applied Mechanics New FMB 115 Fluid Mechanics Building 4074 abhijit.choudhury
Abhijit P Deshpande Faculty, Chemical Engineering HSB 151 Department of Humanities and Social Sciences Block 4169 abhijit
Abhijit Sarkar Faculty, Mechanical Engineering MDS 210 Machine Design Section 4723 asarkar
Abhilash Sharma Somayajula Faculty, Ocean Engineering NAC1 354 Department of Ocean Engineering 4823 abhilash
Abhishek Misra Faculty, Physics HSB Department of Humanities and Social Sciences Block 4859 abhishek.misra
Abhishek Sinha Faculty, Electrical Engineering ESB 222-A Electrical Sciences Block 4410 abhishek.sinha
AC Plant Room CC P.G. Senapathy Center for Computing Resource 5988
Academic Affairs Secretary 8540
Academic Civil Maintenance MSB GF Mechanical Sciences Block 8188
Academic Courses - Secretary ADB 4 Central Administration Building 8031 dacoffice
Academic Courses Office ADB 4 Central Administration Building 8032