◎ While searching the database, is it necessary that at least one keyword must be entered?

It is not necessary to enter any keyword. But, at least one of the drop down menus must be selected. However, you can choose 'All' in any of the drop down menus, in which case all the records will be retrieved.

◎ What if the keywords I have given do not match with each other. For example, the Gene Name does not match with the UniProt ID?

In such cases, no records will be retrieved. Then try to give only one of the keywords and see whether there are any results.

◎ When I search for the gene named CDH1, I am getting results for CDH1, CDH10, CDH11, PCDH10, etc. Why this is so?

In HuVarBase, the search keywords are prefixed and suffixed with all possible strings. This is to enable the user to get all the related information in one search. For example, CDH1 gene encodes cadherin of the cadherin superfamily. Suppose, the user wants to get all the genes of the cadherin superfamily, the user can use the keyword CDH. Then, it will search for all gene names containing CDH and get data for genes like PCDH10 also which is the gene for 'protocadherin', a member in the cadherin family.

◎ How long the search results will be stored?

The download link will be created only when the 'Click to download all results' button is clicked. The link will be active for about two days. After that, the results will be deleted.

◎ I am not getting any results for a keyword I am searching. What should I do?

Keyword list has been provided in the 'Glossary' page. Please, check whether your keyword is there in the list. If it is there, the results should come. If you are entering multiple keywords, try entering them individually.

◎ Is it possible to use the results of this database for diagnostic purposes?

No. The database is for academic research purposes only. It is not suitable for diagnostic purposes.

◎ I have variant data from my own research. Can I include my data in this database?

Presently we are not including individual research data in the database.

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