Welcome to Pred-MutHTP

A tool to discriminate the disease-causing and neutral mutations of membrane proteins

Transmembrane proteins (TMPs) act as a gate to the interior of the cells. They play an important role in several biocellular processes, such as signaling, metabolism, communication, transports and energy production. Missense mutations have diverse effect on these functions and lead to several diseases such as cancer(s), diabetes, cystic fibrosis etc. Here, we have developed a first and specific method called “Pred-MutHTP” which predicts the effect of missense mutation from the membrane protein sequences. The method is trained on 11,846 and 9,533 of disease-causing and neutral mutations, which were obtained from MutHTP database. The detailed information of the datasets are provided in the Datasets tab. In addition, we have developed specific methods for mutations in different topological regions. The users can predict the effect of mutations for their query sequences using the Prediction tab. Detailed information is provided in the tutorial page.