The Indian Institute of Technology is a residential institute and provides accommodation to students wishing to reside in the hostels. Each hostel in the institute is an independent unit in respect to its internal administration under the overall supervision of the Council of Wardens and the Hostel Management. The hostel is administered by a Warden appointed by the Director and he/she is assisted by an Asst. Warden in all matters relating to the hostel.

Each hostel also has a Hostel Council which is an advisory body comprising the Warden of the Hostel (as its Chairman), the Asst. Warden and the elected student secretaries as its members. The Hostel Council plans the students' activities for the year, prepares the budget for sports, recreational and other social activities of the students through the respective student secretaries and is responsible for the running of individual messes with the help of the mess committee.

The Hostel Office is located within the hostel premises. Attached to each office are an Office Manager and an Attender who assist the Warden in matters related to the various activities of the hostel. The Office maintains all the files, registers, records, ledgers, account books, suppliers' bills, payment registers etc., pertaining to the hostel residents, mess and the employees. The Hostel Office is open on all weekdays.

Every student who has been admitted to the institute is required to pay the prescribed hostel seat rent and establishment charges along with a refundable hostel mess caution deposit. These charges are subject to revision from time to time. Allotment of rooms to the residents takes place at the end of each academic year when the final year UG and PG students vacate their rooms after completion of their programmes of study. The rooms vacated by the outgoing students are made available by the Warden for other senior residents in the hostel to change their rooms, on request. The change in rooms is effected in accordance with the policy followed by individual hostels and with the Warden's approval.

After completion of this process, the number of vacant rooms available in each hostel fro allotment to freshers is intimated to the Chairman, Council of Wardens and the Dean of Students. Each room is provided with a cot, a table, a chair, a bookshelf, and a ceiling fan (with regulator). Residents cannot move the furniture or fittings from one room to another. Private cooking in the rooms is prohibited. Smoking, consumption of alcoholic drinks and use of narcotic drugs is strictly prohibited.

Guests of the residents may be permitted to stay in the hostel by the Chairman, Council of Wardens on payment of the necessary charges at his office. The charges are subject to variation from time to time. Overnight guests are permitted in a students' room with the Warden's prior permission, but no person of the opposite sex, guest or otherwise is permitted to stay overnight. However, parents or other close relatives of the student can avail themselves of the boarding/lodging facilities at the Taramani Guest House on payment of the necessary charges.

Boy students and girl students can visit each others' hostels between 6:00 am and 9:00 pm. The visit of the boys to the girls' hostel is, however, restricted to the hostel office, visitor's lounge and dining hall. Parents/guardians of the girl students may be permitted by the Warden to visit their rooms between 6:00 AM and 9:00 PM.

A number of recreational, sports, literary and social activities take place in the hostel during the academic year. A few rooms in the hostel are used for common facilities such as the Library, Computer Room, Indoor Sports etc. A washing machine (Laundromat) is available in every hostel for use by the residents. Students can relax in the evenings or on holidays or spend their leisure time in the Common Room which is equipped with a T.V, a music system, newspapers and magazines. One half of the Common Room houses a Table Tennis (TT) board as well. Most hostels have a Music Room which has a high-quality stereo music system and a variety of cassettes to offer to music lovers.

Avid sports enthusiasts can take their sports equipment from the Sports Room which is maintained by the Hostel Sports Secretary. The Hostel Library has a good collection of general books, fiction, comics etc. and is operated by the Hostel Literary Secretary who is assisted by a few student volunteers.

The Students Amenities Centre (SAC), located in one of the rooms of the hostel, makes available a variety of consumer goods and day-to-day requirements of the students like stationery, toiletries etc. The SAC is managed by the SAC secretary and is opened at fixed timings everyday by the SAC volunteers. Payment for the items purchased from the SAC is made through the mess bill.

An external security agency is contracted for providing security at the hostels. The services of the security personnel are monitored by the Warden and the Assistant Warden.

The General Secretary acts as the secretary of the Hostel council, ensures proper maintenance of the hostel premises and coordinates the activities of the other secretaries. The Mess Secretary works in conjunction with the mess staff towards procurement of food items, planning of the menu and maintenance of hygiene in the kitchen and the mess hall.

Procurement of Sports equipment is the responsibility of the Sports Secretary who also plans the schedules of intra-hostel events and appoints Captains for the various hostel teams.

The Cultural Activities (Arts and Literary) for the year are planned together by the Literary Secretary and the Social Secretary. The Social Secretary is also responsible for the maintenance of the Common Room while the Literary Secretary is incharge of the Hostel Library.

The Alumni affairs secretary is in-charge of the computer room, hostel alumni affairs and the hostel website.

The Garden Secretary plans the gardening activity for the year.

The SAC (Students Amenities Centre) Secretary is responsible for running the SAC and arranges for purchase of necessary consumer goods.

In addition to these Secretaries, every hostel has a Mess Committee whose members assist the Mess Secretary in the discharge of his/her duties. Periodical review stock taking and inspection of the quality of food items and rations also form a part of their duties.

The General Body of the hostel formulates the necessary guidelines relating to the running of the mess, conduct of intra-hostel cultural, sports, literary and social competitions and other hostel activities, in conformity with the decisions of the Hostel management and the Council of Wardens.

Elections for the members of the Hostel Council are held during March or April every year with the hostel Warden acting as the Chief Polling Officer. These elections are conducted simultaneously with the general elections of the Student Affairs Council and the Executive Wing of the Institute. All residents of the hostel are eligible to cast their vote in favor of the candidates of their choice for the various posts.

General Body Meetings (GBMs) are convened by the General Secretary on a regular basis, in concurrence with the Warden who acts as a moderator during these meetings. Issues of interest to the hostel are discussed during the GBM.




List of Hostels, Wardens & Telephone Numbers

Hostel Warden Phone (Office) Phone (Entrance) Cell Phone
CCW & CSU Dr. Sathyanarayana N Gummadi 8501   9444009052
Vice Chairman & MMCC Dr. Shaligram Tiwari 8505   9444094430
Alakananda Dr.Thyagaraj T 22578562 22578560 9444009068
Brahmaputra Dr.Arya Kumar Bedabrata Chand 22578582 22578580 9444009070
Cauvery Dr. Ch Srinivasa Rao 22578612 22578610 9444009072
Ganga Dr. Kothandaraman R 22578642 22578640 9444009074
Godavari Dr. Chandraraj K 22578662 22578660 9444009076
Jamuna Dr. Raghuram Chetty 22578682 22578680 9444009078
Krishna Dr. Benny Raphael 22578702 22578700 9444009580
Mahanadhi Dr. Anup Kumar Bhandari 22578802  22578801 9444393520
Mandakini Dr. Raghavendra Sai VV 22578732 22578730 9444009082
Narmada Dr.Srirama Srinivas 22578752 22578750 9444009084
Pampa Dr.Ramesh Gardas 22578882 22578880 9444393521
Saraswathi Dr. Ethayaraja Mani 22578772 22578770 9444009086
Sarayu Dr. Lelitha Devi Vanajakshi 22578792 22578790 9444393522
Sharavati Dr. Kalpana M 22578812 22578810 9444009092
Sindhu Dr. Anbarasan P 22578862 22578860 9444009088
Tamraparani Dr. Sushanta Kumar Panigrahi 22578942 22578941 9444393523


Dr. Shankar Ram C S 22578842 22578840 9444009089
Sabarmati Dr. Radha R 22578795 22578790  9444395488


Dr.Jayaganthan R 22578718 22578840 9444397349
Tunga(Sharavathi Extn) Dr. Arshinder Kaur  22578712    9444397346