I ViL - IIT for Villages : A Students Initiative

Headed by Dr. Ashwin Mahalingam, Civil Engineering Dept, IIT Madras, I ViL members comprise of students from all programs and all years viz. all years of B.Tech, Dual Degree, M.Tech, MS, PhD, MBA programs. Students of other colleges and few alumni (recently passed out) of IIT Madras are also members of I ViL. The I ViL e-group, where ideas are discussed, has more than 300 members.

I ViL is supported by three primary teams

  1. SPA - Science Promotion Activity
  2. AIPA - Alternate Industry Promotion Activity
  3. STePP - Socio-Technical Projects Promotion

To complement the activities of the primary teams, we have teams for

  1. Web Operations
  2. Public Relations and Newsletter

Each team is lead by two or three Team Leaders, who are highly motivated students eager to contribute to the cause of I ViL. The team leaders call for volunteers depending upon the work at hand.

We have experienced that nothing can substitute face to face meetings to discuss the course of our plans. For this, we hold a general meeting once every month on an average, in the discussion hall on the 5th floor of the Central Library. All students are invited to these meetings where current activities & future plans are discussed and volunteers are called for. Individual team members meet as and when required.

I ViL maintains its own website at http://www.ivil.iitm.ac.in

Linux Users' Group

The IITM Linux User Group now meets frequently, usually at HSB310 in the Physics Department, IIT Madras. All are invited to the meetings. Generally, the meeting focuses on a talk / demonstration on using Linux and Open Source Software. Meetings held so far have featured the following.

  • A vague introduction to Linux + a demo on Beryl
  • Using and Installing Ubuntu Linux from the LiveCD. Also featured a live install of Ubuntu 7.10 "Gutsy Gibbon".
  • A demonstration of GNUPlot
  • A talk about Gentoo and Archlinux
  • A demonstration of sed and awk
  • A PGP Key signing party and random discussion session
  • A talk + demo on Makefiles

The mailing list linuxusers_iitm is a very active community which will answer most of your queries.

The Linux Users' Group maintains its own website at http://iitmlug.a.wiki-site.com


Perception. Introspection. Retrospection... Reflection. The transformation every human goes through - and to keep the spirit alive, up and fighting, Reflections was born.

Reflections works towards bringing out various unexplored horizons that lie within and lead to a better living. We are a team of people who in our own way are trying to help keep the spirits up and alive.

Reflections conducts programs to encourage discussions on issues pertaining to everyday life which have a far more deeper impact than normally perceived. It brings out "The Reflections" magazine, which contains articles from alumni, professors and students. Many writers from outside the campus have been actively contributing every year. It provides a platform for expression to everyone. Various talks, touching various topics, by speakers ranging from the fields of engineering to science to psychology are conducted, which encourage thinking and help in understanding things which we normally neglect in our day to day lives. Panel discussions are held to question, share, contradict and explain, and movies screened to touch, teach and inspire.

For queries/comments mail reflections@iitm.ac.in

Vivekananda Study Circle

The Vivekananda Study Circle is dedicated to the cause of spreading the teachings and philosophy of Swami Vivekananda. Prominent personalities are invited to preside over meetings which are convened on a regular basis at the Humanities and Sciences Block.

The Vivekananda Study Circle maintains its own website at http://vsc.iitm.ac.in