Amrendra Vijay

Department: CY
Designation: Associate Professor
Phone: 4234
email: avijay@iitm.ac.in

Research Interests

  • 1. Classical and Quantum Optics: Vector Field Equations (Maxwell) and Quantum Electrodynamics, with applications in near–field optics, nano–optics, photonics, meta–materials and other optical devices. 2. Quantum Magnetism, Quantum Many–Body/Field Theory, Quantum Statistical Mechanics and Quantum Phase Transitions: The 4–spinor Dirac equation and its semi–relativistic limit in the presence of external electromagnetic fields, with applications in metal–insulator transitions and magnetic phase transitions involving complex materials. 3. Non–equilibrium Statistical Mechanics: Quantum Scattering, Boltzmann Transport Theory and Continuous Phase Transitions, with applications on ion transport (drift and diffusion) in complex biological systems.


    Office Location: New Chemistry Building. Room No. 350A.

    Alternate email: amrendra.vijay@gmail.com