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Anandi Purutipati
Dual Degree, 2019 Batch

When I started out at IIT Madras, I didn't really know what to expect. Like most, it was but a dream for me. I remember sitting at orientation, watching the director give the welcome address and thinking - *surreal*. That's what it was for me for a while. A beautiful, surreal world within a world. Over the past four years, this campus has come to mean so much to me. This experience this institute provides you with is more than just academically excellent. It is wholesome. Not only did it encourage me in finding my niche academically, it also made me a better person. A stronger person. A fuller person. Life at IIT, like anywhere else in the world, is not perfect. But it is wonderful and gives you a chance to become your own person. And for that, I will always be grateful to this place.

Parvati Madhu
Dual Degree, 2019 Batch
Metallurgical and Materials Engineering.

To be at IIT Madras is to be among a thousand other students who are constantly challenging themselves. The students here, whether it be at CFI or at the E-Cell or any of the other numerous organizations, are living examples that the sky's the limit on what you want to do. When I came into the beautiful campus at 19, I assumed it would be all tests and assignments from here on. But I couldn’t have been more wrong. From unforgettable hostel memories and working on the Saarang team, to befriending monkeys and great conversations over Ramu chai, insti has been the best choice I ever made. And in terms of the opportunities that it offers - both from an academic and networking perspective, there is no doubt as to why IIT Madras has been ranked at the top. You’ll come for the ranking, but you’ll stay for its people and forests.

Aparna Suresh
Dual Degree, 2016 Batch
Current Designation: Investment Analyst at Westbridge Capital

The people make the place, they said, and I concur. I came into IITM as a sheltered, scared 16-year-old. IITM gave me a chance to be surrounded by extremely nice people who were terrific at pretty much everything they did but were always willing to take time to talk to me and teach me. While I do miss having an Olympic-sized pool, a library and CFI mere meters away from me, it’s this community that I appreciate the most about IITM. Women will face this scrutiny of their abilities and intellect against the backdrop of gender earlier. I wish they surround themselves with female friends who help them recognize their worth and stand up for them, like I did. I shall always wake up and wish I was living in Sharavati Hostel (IITM) where a large group of brilliant and supportive women were a hop, knock and an offer for chai away.

Priyanka Rao
Dual Degree, 2019 Batch
Mechanical Engineering.

I found myself as a 18 year old on the steps of IIT Madras in a male dominated branch with a gender ratio of 1:30. A lot of people, including my parents were initially apprehensive of the branch. However, nothing could have been more contradictory in my 4 years here. The campus gives students to work in a plethora of fields ranging from photography and design to artificial intelligence, allowing them to follow their interests irrespective of the branch they are in. The skewed gender ratio has only served to bust some myths I earlier held and am sure will prove effective in pushing the metaphorical glass ceiling. I want to really encourage every female student to select her branch of choice based purely on interest without letting external factors influence her decision. IIT Madras is a very good place for one to come and discover oneself.

Vedasri Godavarthi
Dual Degree, 2019 Batch
Aerospace Engineering.
Recepient of Honda Young Engineers and Scientists Award.

My interest in fluid mechanics and rocket propulsion made me want to pursue Aerospace Engineering in IIT Madras. The first time I entered the campus, I remember thinking of how beautiful the campus is. During my initial days, I learnt about a lot of exciting technical and extra- curricular activities in campus and I was in awe of the plethora of talents like debating, music, public speaking, quizzing, coding and many more. My time in IIT Madras not only helped me in academia but also helped me in my overall development. It gave me a lot of opportunities to interact with professors and researchers not only in IITM but also in other institutes which expanded my network. I also met very kind people here who helped me in every which way possible. I am forever grateful to IITM for making me that person that I am today.