The team comprising of  G. Venkata Subrahmanyan (BE12B011) and Nitish Kumar Singh (BS12B054) from the Department of Biotechnology has won the Third Prize at the ‘Young Innovators Challenge Awards 2015’ jointly organized by 3M India and Confederation of Indian Industries (CII) for their project proposal ‘Energy from Algae Grown on Waste Water’.

A brief of the prize winning project is given below :       
The main idea of the project ‘Energy from Algae Grown on Waste Water is to utilise wastewater from households and sewage lines to grow genetically modified algae that are capable of producing enzymes that can break cellulosic content and self-destroy themselves, which later can be processed to extract fodder or protein feed. In this process, we will be able to harvest clean water for secondary use such as agriculture etc. This idea is in research stage but is very promising for the quantum of problem we have with waste water management.