The following team from IIT Madras has won  the Runners Trophy in the Chennai District Weight Lifting Championship for the year 2015-16 held on 1st November 2015 at the Nehru Stadium :


Name RollNo Medal Category
1.    Ujjal Kumar  Dutta CS14D407 Silver 56Kg
2.    Karthik Pandia CS14D001 Bronze 56Kg
3.    Sai Prakash BT11B035 Gold 69Kg
4.    Fuaad K P NA14B040 Silver 69Kg
5.    Pradeep Kumar ME13B012 Silver 77Kg
6.    Mahesh Ingole AE11B041 Bronze 77Kg
7.    Kishor E ME13D005 Silver 85Kg
8.    Bikram Kumar   Das CH14B078 Bronze 85Kg
9.    Shivam Soni CH13B087 Silver 94Kg