Team Abhiyaan has won the  'Lescoe' trophy for securing the 2nd place for its bot, 'VIRAT', in the  27th Intelligent Ground Vehicle Competition (IGVC) held at Oakland University, Michigan, USA between June 7-10, 2019  organized by the Oakland University in partnership with the Ground Vehicle Systems Centre of the US Army by securing the:

·  2nd place in the interoperability challenge

·  5th place in the auto-nav challenge and 

·  6th place in the design challenge

 Team Abhiyaan

Bakthakolahalan Shyamsundar(CE17M126)
Sourabh Urade 
Karthik Bonda
Mahesh Balasubramani
Sooryakiran Pallikkulath 
Skanda Swaroop 
Devansh Jain 
Sajay V (CH16B061)

Sriram Ragunathan (CH17B072)
Veerendra HarshalBudhi 
Kumud Mittal (ED16B043)
Abhijith KV (NA18B022)
Sreerag EP 
Sai Kumar 
Shashank M Patil 

The Team was guided by Dr.Sathyan Subbiah

Team Abhiyaan, a competition team affiliated to the Centre for Innovation at IIT Madras participated in the IGVC competition for the third consecutive year this year.  The team had secured 12th place in 2017 and 10th place in 2018.  The Team indigenously designs and builds an autonomous navigation robot from scratch every year.   This year about 45 teams registered and 30+ teams from countries like Japan, Canada, USA and India had participated in the competition. The teams were assessed by experts in the domain of autonomous vehicles and the award is based on the performance of the teams in all three (design, interoperability and auto-nav) competitions.​

The team would not have achieved this feat without the support of Centre for Innovation, alumni, the Central Workshop, their principal  sponsor Linkay Technologies and other sponsors and many others who have provided their support.  

Please click here for the video of bots performance and here for a few photos.