The following books have been published by our faculty :

1.       A book entitled ‘Politics and Cosmopolitanism in a Global Age’ edited by Dr.Sonika Gupta and Dr.Sudarsan Padmanabhan, Department of Humanities and Social Sciences has been published by Routledge. For further details on the book please visit : 

2.    A book entitled ‘Becoming Minority : How Discourses and Policies Produce Minorities in Europe and India’ edited by Dr. Jyotirmaya Tripathy and Dr. Sudarsan Padmanabhan has been published by SAGE Publications. For further details please visit:

3.     A Book entitled भ्रम से जागो, सोने वालों!’, a hindi translation of book ’Don’t Sleep, Walk Through Life’ authoredby Prof. Devdas Menon, Department of Civil Engineering has been published by YogiImpressions. For further details please visit:    

4.     A second edition of the book entitled ‘Fundamentals of Gas Dynamics’ authored by Prof. Babu Viswanathan, Department of Mechanical Engineering has been published by Athena Publishers for distribution in India & Africa and by Wiley for distribution in the rest of the world. For further details please visit:         

5.    A book entitled ‘Principles of System Identification: Theory and Practice’ authored by Dr.Arun K. Tangirala, Department of Chemical Engineering has been published by CRC Press. For further details please visit :