IITM Team 'Water Chakra' has won the​ India Innovation Growth Programme (IIGP 2.0) held at Bombay on June 28, 2019 and has been chosen among the Top 10 Innovative Startups from across the nation to receive an equity-less funding worth Rs.10 lakhs.


Water Chakra works on the development of integrated modular on-site toilet treatment unit to recover green chemicals and water from human urine. It recovers about about 96% of phosphorus, and 85% of nitrogen in the form of commercial grade ammonia solution and struvite fertilizer and also recover 90% of water. 


For a photo of the prototype please click here


Team 'Wate​r Chakra'

         Divyapriya G (Post Doctoral Fellow)​

         Anusha Ganta (CE18D001)

         Dhyaneswaran Sengottuvel 

         Thiyagarajan A R 

         Himabindu Valleru 


Team was mentored by Prof. Indumathi M Nambi, Department of Civil Engineering and supported by Carbon Zero challenge.