The Team from IIT Madras comprising of : Tanmay Mothe (ME13B155) Kranthi Chaitanya (ME13B146), Srikanth Dharwad (ME16S007) and Vishakh Kumar (ME16D403) from the Department of Mechanical Engineering has won the ‘Employees Choice Award’ at the 1st Nationwide Accenture Innovation Challenge for developing a ‘Compact bio-inspired robot for septic and sewage line cleaning and inspection' to help avoid manual sewer line operations.  They were one among the six winners of the Challenge.  The team was guided by Dr. Prabhu Rajagopal.

Over 13,000 students from over 900 colleges took part in this year’s Accenture Innovation Challenge and submitted over 7,000 innovation ideas. The 6 Winners were chosen from 12 teams selected to participate in the Grand Finale round (held between November 26-29 in Bengaluru), based on the criteria of innovativeness, technical feasibility and impact.