You may have seen reports on our Hon'ble Prime Minister's launching 'Saubhagya' scheme on 25 Sept, which delivered a promise of complete electrification of India by Dec 2018. See for example:


In his speech, Hon. PM says:

"The solar power packs of 200 to 300 Wp with battery banks for un-electrified households located in remote and inaccessible areas, comprises five LED lights, one DC fan, one DC power plug. Beneficiaries of the Saubhagya scheme shall be identified and their applications for electricity connections along with applicant photographs and identity proof shall be registered on the spot”

Wonderful to note, that the work quoted emerged from research at IITM, with implementation /commercialization being carried out by IITM incubated startups, Intelizon, Cygni Energy and Chakra Networks.

This is a remarkable milestone achieved by three of our startups, who are making an impact at the national stage. Proud moment for all involved (IITM research group in this space, under guidance of Prof. Jhunjhunwala), startup community at IITMIC, RTBI and IITMRP and wider IITM.   

Hearty congratulations to Kushant Uppal, Venkat Rajaraman and Sree Hari (founder CEOs of IntelizonCygni Energy & Chakra Networks respectively).  A brief about the Start-Ups is appended at the end.

PM also mentioned about developing electric stove - research centre and startups are jointly developing the same at IITM.     


About the Start-Ups

CYGNIs Inverterless Solar-DC solution offers an economical and affordable solution for off-grid/ near off-grid homes (homes with large power-cuts), and is also useful for grid- connected homes in saving power-bills as well as providing back-up power. This is achieved by Solar-DC INVERTERLESS technology, developed in collaboration with IIT Madras.

Solar-DC Inverterless is an innovative technology that provides 48V DC to power DC appliances. With growing emphasis on energy conservation world over and with more DC appliances now becoming available, most homes in the world will gradually move to DC power. This is India’s opportunity to lead this “Go-DC” revolution. 

In the state of Assam we are powering 23,200 homes with this technology.  Each home is fitted with a solar power pack of 200Wp with battery banks for un-electrified households located in remote and inaccessible areas, comprises five LED lights, one DC fan, one DC power plug and one mobile charger.  This project is done by Rural Electrification Corporation along with Assam Power Distribution Company Limited. http://www.cygni.com/

Recent cover page feature on Outlook Businesshttps://www.outlookbusiness.com/specials/good-businesses_2017/the-golden-hour-3746

Intelizon Energy is focused on energy efficient solutions based on solar and Lithium Ion batteries.

The LED bulbs, remotes and tube lights for the Inverterless and UDC project have been instrumental in providing a reliable, high efficiency (>95%) and low power consumption load. This is essential in creating an optimum battery solar panel which then creates a cost effective system for the consumer. http://www.intelizon.com/

Chakra Network provides network management solution. They have been instrumental in enabling remote monitoring & management of Solar DC system by developing IoT-based mobile apps make remote.