The following posters of the research scholars of the Department of Physics have won theBest Poster Awards at the 15th Asian Conference on Solid State Ionics organized by IIT Patna during November 27-30, 2016  :

  • Poster entitled ‘Tri-Iodide Reduction Mechanism of Nitrogen Doped Graphene Supported Platinum-Transition Metal Alloy Nanoparticles as Superior Counter Electrode in Dye Sensitized Solar Cell’ by Divya Nechiyil(PH09D001) and Prof. S. Ramaprabhu.
  • Poster entitled ‘Synthesis of polyaniline decorated ionic functonalized graphene nanofluid and its application in CO2 absorption by Sreetama Ghosh(PH14D302), Rashmi Chandrabhan Shende (PH12D049) and Prof. S. Ramaprabhu.