IITM Student Teams - Team Rahaat and Team Raptor - from the Centre for Innovation, comprising Aman Agrawal (ME13B127), Sri Harsha K (CH13B034), Rohit John (ME13B062), Manish Prajapat (ME13B044), Anoop K (ME13B006), Safar (ME13B062), Rangeeth (AE13B024), Koushick Balaji (ME12B026) and Sai Gole (ED11B047) have won the Awards for Best use of advanced manufacturing methods and Best use of predictive design and simulation tools at the Student Design Challenge conducted by the American Society of Mechanical Engineer during 13-15March, 2015 at B. H. Gardi College of Engineering & Technology, Rajkot.

The design by Team Rahaat was based on rocker bogie. It used 3 pairs of wheels, which were arranged in a way that is can traverse most obstacles like inclines, steps etc. The design by Team Raptor used caterpillar tracks and two pairs of C shaped legs for locomotion. The caterpillar tracks provide large surface area that’s used to move over loose sand and provide enough traction to climb an inclined surface. The C legs are used for climbing obstacles bigger than what the caterpillar tracks can handle.