The following Chemical Engineering students have won ‘Best Poster Presentationprizes at the 6th International Conference on Functional Electroceramics and Polymers (ICEP-2017) :
  • Mr. Abhishek Kumar Gupta (CH13D016) has won the Second Prize for presenting his poster entitled ‘Counter Ion Specific Collapse of Fully Ionized PAA in Water-Ethanol Mixture in Presence of Li+ and Cs+ Alkali Metal Cations - A Molecular Dynamics Simulation Study’.

  • Raviteja Kurapati (CH15D403) has won the Third Prize for presenting his poster entitledMolecular Dynamics Simulation of Effect of Ionization on Conformational and Orientation Properties of Poly(arylic acid) and Poly(methacrylic acid) Adsorbed at CCL4-H2O Interface’.

They are guided by  Prof. Upendra Natarajan