The publication of Dr. Rajiv Sharma, Assistant Professor, Department of Ocean Engineering has been featured in “The Sciencedirect Top 25 List of Most Downloaded Articles’ and ranked 5th on the top 25 list in the Journal ‘Computer-Aided Design’ (a SCI indexed Journal with IF:1.264) for the year 2012.The details of the publications are given below :

R. Sharma, Tae-wan Kin, Richard Lee Storch, Hans (J.J.) Hopman and Stein Ove Erikstad (2012), ‘Challenges in Computer Applications for Ship and Floating Structure Design and Analysis’, Computer-Aided Design, Special Issue on “Applications in Ship and Floating Structure Design and Analysis” , ISSN: 0010 – 4485, Vol.44, Issue 3, March 2012, pp 166-185.