ProThermDB, thermodynamic Database for Proteins and Mutants (ProThermDB) contains more than 30000 data of several thermodynamic parameters for wild type and mutant proteins. Each entry includes numerical data for unfolding Gibbs free energy change, enthalpy change, heat capacity change, transition temperature, activity etc., which are important for understanding the mechanism of protein stability. ProThermDB also includes structural information such as secondary structure and solvent accessibility of wild type residues, and experimental methods different sorting options for outputs. Further, ProThermDB is cross-linked with PubMed literature database, Protein Mutant Database, Enzyme Code and Protein Data Bank structural database.

ProThermDB can be queried through the search options by giving PDB ID, protein name, mutation, experimental conditions, author name and journal name, etc. Users can check our tutorial to get help in searching the database. Fill the download form provided to download the entire dataset.

What's New

✸ ProThermDB coming soon

✸ 5000+ Mutation data is added to ProThermDB

✸ New features are included in the ProThermDB