• MutHTP: Mutations in Human Transmembrane Proteins

BorodaTM is a structure based predictor which predicts the effect of the missense mutations in transmembrane proteins. We precomputed the effects of all possible mutations and provided links to PDBTM, PDB and UniProt databases. User can fetch the BorodaTM prediction by using PDB and UniProt IDs and this web resource has data of these PDB and UniProt accession numbers.

In addition, user can also download all the prediction results for their analysis.

Wild-type: Mutant: Position
Type: Priority 1: Priority 2:

Please cite us if the use of this prediction server has helped you in your work and /or resulted in any publication:

Popov P, Bizin I, M. Michael Gromiha, A. Kulandaisamy and Frishman D (2019) BorodaTM: prediction of disease-associated mutations in membrane proteins with known 3D structure. PLoS One, 14(7):e0219452.