CPAD is a database for amyloid peptides and aggregation rates upon mutations. It is an integrated database with three different information

(i) Database for amyloid peptides, data on exprimentally known amyloid forming peptides, non-amyloids, amyloid with known structures and regular beta-strands from the three-dimensional structures of monomeric proteins.
This database can be accessed by clicking on Amyloid Peptides

(i) Database for aggregation rates upon mutations: Experimentally known aggregation rate upon mutations. Click on Aggregation-Rates to access the database.

(ii) Aggregation Prone Regions (APRs): Experimentally known aggregation prone regions in amyloidogenic protein.

***Major update coming soon***

Authors are encouraged to deposit the new data using the following links:

Amyloid peptides, Aggregation Prone Regions, Aggregation Rate.