Saarang & Shaastra


Saarang is an annual cultural festival organized by the students of IIT Madras. It is usually held during the last week of January every year. This festival was formerly called 'Mardi Gras'. During the week-long festival, students organize events like music shows, quizzes, lectures, fashion shows etc. Students from various colleges in the city and other parts of the country participate in the festival.

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Shaastra is a technical festival organized by the students in the month of October every year. Shaastra is now set to be conducted for the sixth time putting it in that remarkable stage when it is an established festival in the sense that its name is known, recognized and associated with the best in the country, yet retains the vibrancy and innovativeness of an up and coming technological festival. Shaastra boasts attendance by some of the brightest minds both in terms of students who participate as well as the guests who deliver lectures. The lectures and demonstrations at Shaastra promise a meeting with the Who's Who of India's scientific and technological community. Shaastra promises to open whole new vistas for all visitors. The variety of ideas, issues and events that Shaastra offers is unparalleled.

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