Preparatory Course

One year preparatory course for SC/ST candidates is offered to improve their intake in the B.Tech and Dual Degree programme. Generally 30 to 40 candidates from the non-qualified candidates list in the ranking order of JEE are taken. In addition to the Preparatory Course for SC/ST candidates, Physically Disable (PD) candidates are also allowed to undergo the preparatory course from the year 2009. The joint Admission Committee finally decides the admission of these students. In this programme have to undergo courses in Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and English for two semesters and successfully complete the courses.

On their successful completion, available discipline/branch in the B.Tech / Dual Degree programme will be allotted from the vacancies of that year's quota for SC/ST/PD candidates. The course is residential. The students are eligible for all concessions during the period of coaching on par with the regular students in the matter of admission to the B.Tech / Dual Degree programmes.