Piyush Kumar Gupta, Doctoral Scholar (BT12D040), Department of Biotechnology has been awarded :

  • Rudolf Cimdins Scholarship by the European Society for Biomaterials, Strasbourg, France for making an oral presentation on "Metal-free Alternating Copolymer: A Novel Nanomaterial Synthesized by Green Chemistry Approach for use in Drug Delivery/Biomedical Application" at its 29th Annual meeting scheduled to be held at The Netherlands during September 9-13, 2018.
  • Best Poster Presentation Award for his work entitled ‘Enhanced Anti-Cancerous Activity of Dual-Drug loaded Core-Shell Nanoparticles Composed of Metal-free Fully Alternating Copolymer" presented at the International Conference of BioMaterials, BioEngineering, and BioTheranostics (BioMET-2018) held at Vellore during July 24-28, 2018.

He is guided by Prof. Rama Shanker Verma.